What a Hawaii Reverse Mortgage Can Do For You

A reverse mortgage can eliminate your monthly mortgage payment or if you have no mortgage, can give you cash from your equity to use however you chose. The loan does not have to be paid back until the remaining homeowner sells or passes away. You must still pay your property taxes and homeowners insurance, and maintain the home to FHA standards. There are four options for receiving your cash: as a lump sum, as a monthly payment you "receive" each month, as a line of credit you can draw upon as needed or a combination of the above.

Put the "Gold" Back in the Golden Years.

You can use the proceeds from your reverse mortgage to fund a much needed vacation, to visit the grandchildren, to do home repairs, pay for medical costs not covered by your insurance. How you use the funds are entirely up to you. A reverse mortgage can help stretch your retirement income. Because the reverse mortgage is a loan against your property, and not income, it is tax-free. Please be sure to consult with your tax advisor.

Retain Ownership

You will still retain title as in a conventional (forward) mortgage and you can still pass your home on to your heirs. They will have the option to either refinance the loan into their name or sell the home and keep any remaining equity.

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For more information and for a Free, No-Obligation quote, contact Daniel Nicolosi at Harbor Financial Group – Your Aloha Mortgage Solution. You can reach him directly at (808) 799-8218 on Oahu; or Toll Free at 888-423-2468 on the Neighbor Islands.

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