A Hawaii reverse mortgage may be the solution you have been looking for. If you are age 62 or older and have equity in your home you may be eligible. Reverse Mortgages are regulated by the federal government.

Senior’s you are faced with inflation and other unexpected bills that Social Security or pension may not cover. By taking out a Hawaii reverse mortgage you are giving yourself the financial advantage that you deserve. You should not have to worry about money in your senior years and a reverse mortgage can easily help you meet any shortfalls.


As a senior citizen you are faced with special financial needs that you very likely did not have a decade ago. Meeting those needs can be difficult when you are living on a limited income. In far too many cases, seniors find that their income does not meet their expenses.


One of the best things about a Hawaii reverse mortgage is that the process is relatively quick and easy. You schedule an appointment for a free consultation to determine which reverse mortgage loan is right for you, put in your application, get your counseling, then the appraisal is ordered. Once the loan is ready for docs, you meet with a notary and sign. Shortly after, your money will be deposited and your current mortgage will be extinguished. You can receive your funds either as a lump sum, a monthly payment, a line of credit that you draw on when you want, or a combination of these.

For more information or for a Free, No-Obligation quote, contact Daniel Nicolosi at Harbor Financial Group – Your Aloha Mortgage Solution. You can reach him directly at (808) 799-8218 on Oahu; or Toll Free at 888-423-2468 on the Neighbor Islands.

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