End Your Monthly Mortgage Payment with a Hawaii Reverse Mortgage

A Hawaii reverse mortgage can put an end to your monthly mortgage payment forever! Don’t you deserve to live comfortably and retain ownership of your home at the same time? You’ve invested a lifetime, now it is time to reap the rewards! As you approach your retirement years, you begin to realize how important planning for a comfortable retirement is. A Hawaii Reverse Mortgage may just be the tool you need to cover any shortfall.

Having worked a lifetime to be debt free, there is a viable solution, which in fact is gaining popularity; and that’s a Hawaii Reverse Mortgage. If you are worried, that: “The bank could take my home,” don’t, because that is only a myth. The opposite indeed is true. You could end up in foreclosure if you miss payments with a conventional ‘forward’ mortgage; however, with a Reverse Mortgage, there are no monthly mortgage payments, so as long as you pay your taxes and insurance, and maintain your home to FHA guidelines, you will never have to worry about that again!

As a matter of fact, reverse mortgages have saved many seniors from foreclosure; or from having to decide whether to eat or take their medication rather than miss a mortgage payment. An aging senior, for example will be able to stay in their home with a nurse as an aid instead of staying in a care home if they choose. In most cases, the only option is to sell the home but the equity worked hard for can be used to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home. The many different uses of the funds from a reverse mortgage loan are endless!

What is a Hawaii Reverse Mortgage?

A Hawaii reverse mortgage converts a portion of the home equity into tax-free cash that can be received as a line of credit, a lump sum, monthly payments for life or a combination of these. For as long as the senior continues to live in their home, they never have to repay the reverse mortgage loan. And the good news is, seniors will retain the title to their home and will not be forced to leave as long as property taxes and insurance are paid, and the home is maintained per FHA guidelines. The loan amount received from a Reverse Mortgage depends on certain factors such as applicant’s age, appraised value, current interest rates and available home equity.
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